The Coalition of Reforms and Democracy (CORD) should pull their weight in the fight against Corruption.

The war on graft is not a preserve of the Government or an individual.

Most Kenyans must be disappointed with CORD and its leadership for condemning corruption amongst themselves.

CORD leaders are always seen on the forefront fighting graft within Government, a good move I must say, but nowhere to be found when one of them is involved

Can we trust the “alternative government” to handle corruption if elected?

One can easily come to the conclusion that CORD leadership does not have what it takes to fight corruption on grounds that they have failed every test on the same.

From the ‘British American Tobacco (BAT) bribery scandal involving Moses Wetangula, a CORD PRINCIPAL to Governor Hassan Joho company’s possible tax evasion, CORD came out to their defense.

Unlike President Uhuru Kenyatta who asked those involved in corruption scandals to step aside, the three CORD principals in unison sang; “I stand with Weta, I stand with Joho”, dismissing the allegations without following due process.

Its time CORD pulled their weight in the fight against graft by playing a leading role. CORD members remain blind to corruption among themselves but have clear vision to others.

Like a sword that cuts both ways, the “alternative government” should condemn corruption in both camps.

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