As political parties call for mass voter registration we must understand the importance and power of holding a voters card.

The most important thing to remember is “if you don’t register, you can’t vote”. If you don’t vote, you literally don’t count.

Voting gives you a say on who represents you at all levels of government; the County Assembly, National Assembly, Senate and Statehouse.

At your county there is a Member of County Assembly (MCA) who represents you whether you voted for him/her or not.

The Governor makes crucial decisions in your county, some which affect you directly. It’s only fair for you to have a say on who gets to be the Governor.

Members of Parliament (MPs) are the law makers of this country, why wouldn’t you want to have a say on who gets to make the Laws of your country.

These elected leaders make decisions on your health care system, your children’s education system, National security, social security, key infrastructure and industrialization and run the country’s economy. In short they manage your money (Taxes).

All these are issues that affect you directly or indirectly.

When you have a voter’s card you have a voice, Voting is your democratic right and you should use it.

Your vote may be the one that makes the difference on which party forms the next government.

If you don’t vote, you’re putting control of your country into the hands of someone else, why would you do that?

Remember Kethi Kilonzo, she could not vie for Makueni Senatorial by-election because she was not a registered voter.

Youth, who are the majority of the country’s population, have the most to gain and lose in any election as they have to live with the consequences longer than anyone else.

With their numbers they have the power to sway an election.

Wake up from the misconception that “My vote won’t make a difference”. A government, by the people – for the people, just can’t work without the people!

So who qualify to register as a voter?
• A Kenyan citizen
• Aged 18 years and above
• Have a national ID or a Passport

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