Hilary Clinton’s presidential bid is a wake up call for women and women leaders in Kenya.

Clinton is not just another candidate in the United States presidential race but a candidate with a real chance of winning.

While Clinton is giving male presidential candidates a run for their money, Kenya is yet to have its first female governor, first elected female senator or potential presidential candidate.

We need to encourage women to vie for these positions and support them.

It is not right that for a woman to step foot in the senate she must be nominated.

As a country we have tried to empower women, but more needs to be done especially by the women and women leaders in Kenya.

One radical move is for women representatives to agree not to vie for the women representative seat and instead run for gubernatorial and senatorial positions since they already have political mileage.

Current women representatives should not be selfish because this noble sacrifice will see a new set of 47 women representatives.

If the sitting women reps go for other positions, and not limit themselves to women rep position, we will see more women being elected to county halls and the senate.

From these elected female senators and governors we will have potential presidential candidates who may end up at statehouse.

After all the women rep position was created to empower women and not eliminate women competitors from top elective seats by limiting all women to run for one position.

At the same time women leaders should step up and come out as strong and capable leaders’ worth of mwananchi’s votes.

We should ask ourselves, how long will it take for Kenya to have a “Hilary Clinton”?

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