Bungama Senator Moses Wetangula’s Presidential bid is laughable and unrealistic especially if he expects Cord coalition co-principals Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka would support him in his hopeless ambition.

For starters he barely survived the Bungoma senatorial race and the by-election, elections that were surrounded by massive bribery and violence.

The Supreme Court found Wetangula guilty of bribery and his election to the senate nullified, not forgetting his name was almost removed from the IEBC registry.

If Wetangula could not convince the people of Bungoma County and get a clean win, how will he convince Kenyans to vote for his as President.

Wetangula’s presidential bid is a SUB-TRIBE (Bukusu) affair and a total waste of time and resources that could have been put to better use.

He brings nothing to the table, even the Bukusu vote is split between him and his rival Musikari Kombo who may have won the Bungama senatorial seat had the election been fair.

What the supposed “learned friend” fails to understand is that CORD will never chose him over Raila and Kalonzo.

Instead of wasting his energy on a hopeless mission, Wetangula should concentrate on his reelection, otherwise come 2017 he will be jobless.

The Luhya People deserve better; leaders who can rise above SUB-TRIBES and clan politics and engage in national agenda based politics.

I will never waste my vote.


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