In 2013, a majority of Kenyans were not connected to power.

The Government embarked on an aggressive last mile connectivity campaign to accelerate connectivity of households to electric power with the aim of achieving universal access to electricity in the country.

This campaign has seen the number of households connected to electricity increase from 2.3 million households (12.8M Kenyans) in 2013 to 5.95 million households (33M Kenyans) in 2017.

This is a 144% increase that has seen 20.2 million Kenyans benefit from electricity access in 4 years compared to 12.8 million Kenyans over the previous 50 years.

Kenya currently stands at 65% access to electricity up from 27% in 2013 with the aim of having universal access to electricity by 2022.

Government to light up all county headquarters and major towns to support a 24-hour economy. Currently, all 47 county headquarters as well as 36 other major towns from Marsabit to Lamu, Bondo to Garissa have functioning street lighting installed.

This has opened up different parts of the country to new economic activities, spurred socio-economic development and improved the standards of living.

It has also increased security of persons and property, boosted socio-economic activities for small businesses through extended trading hours and enhanced ease of doing business.

It has also facilitated the operations of the National Police Command Centre through the 3,080 cameras installed in Nairobi and Mombasa to support their surveillance operations.

Well-lit streets have boosted security thus improving economic activity in the country.

The public street lighting has seen increased trade in towns with businesses open for longer hours.

Turbo,Moiben,Kesses, Kapseret and Eldoret Towns have over 819 street lights installed.

Since 2013, 130,237 families have electricity connected to their homes courtesy of the last mile project.

Bondo, University and Alego Usonga towns have 801 public street lights installed reducing insecurity cases.

Kindaruma Hydro Power Upgrade is 100% Complete and will increase generation capacity by 24MW.

Kieni,Kindaruma and Kamburu 132KV substations have been completed & energized. It’ll improve reliability of power.

In Embu more than 33503 households have been connected to electricity in 4 years.

The electricity access rate in Kisii has improved from 13.3% in 2013 to 29.1 % currently with 64,826 new connections.

44km Kisii-Awendo 132kV Transmission Line and associated substations are nearing completion & will improve power quality.

The Sotik- Bomet line was completed and energized in Aug 2016. The project will improve electricity voltages in the county.

593 street lights installed in both Sotik and Bomet Towns has seen businesses open for longer hours.

22353 households have been connected to electricity in  Bomet since 2013.

Lamu East has 374 street lights installed in(Hindi,Lamu Island, Mtondoni, Mokowe, Mpeketoni and Kibaoni.

9385 households have been connected to electricity through the last mile project in Lamu.