#BiPartisanYouth Kenyan Youth For Peace And Empowerment Initiative

Why do youth engage in violence? Poverty? Joblessness? Lack of opportunity?

Well whatever the reason this has to stop because at the end of the day youth are the greatest losers in a society without peace.

They say “older men declare war. But it is youth that must fight and die”

Kenya needs to remain peaceful for the economy to keep growing so that more opportunities can be created for youth.

Political tension is not healthy for the country therefore youth need to champion for peace for their own good.

The Agenda of youth should be youth, the conversation should be: how do we, as youth, get jobs and business opportunities. How to we engage Government on youth empowerment.

As youth we should be negotiating for state appointments in the Government that will be formed soon.

As youth we should shun politics of ethnicity and hatred and embrace peace.

So what is peace? Peace is the state of being free form any kind of human conflict and violence.

This means all the activities of the country run smoothly in the situation of peace.

In a peaceful country people can walk freely from one place to another without having any fear in their mind, they can do their business without any obstruction.

In a peaceful society people respect each other rights. They are focused on development activities.

In the absence of peace development process; Economic growth, Investment and Job creation won’t happen.

Peace is the mother of civilization and war is the demon of destruction.

My appeal to the youth lets preach peace and shun divisive politics.